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Nutrition and Menus

Meal Programs & Information:

All students at schools with breakfast programs receive breakfast at no charge.

Ask your school about your breakfast options:

  • Traditional - breakfast in the cafeteria before the school day starts.
  • Second chance breakfast - Breakfast is served in the cafeteria after the start of the school day but BEFORE 10:00 am. Meal times are set by the principals and usually occur during morning break.
  • Breakfast in the Classroom - Breakfast is delivered to the classroom immediately after the first bell.
  • Grab N’ Go (at some secondary schools)- Students pick up bagged breakfasts in locations throughout campus and eat meals either before class starts or in classroom.

Special Meals

All sponsors of child nutrition programs are required to offer meals to children with disabilities and children with special dietary needs whenever meals are served. OUSD Nutrition Services gladly makes special meals available.  To learn more about special meals, please download our guidelines. For guidelines in additional languages, please contact the Nutrition Services Office at 510-434-3334

Guidelines for Special Needs/Meals

The Medical Statement Form to Request Special Meals and/or Accommodations can be downloaded here: